(Premium, Meridian, Amazone, Simi, Foursquare & Prima).

If the wall is going to be plastered for a thickness of 12 mm and a tile thickness of 6-7 mm, the projection of the bolts from the finished wall should be 66 mm only.

If the thickness of the plastering and tile is less than the dimensions mentioned above, the bolts that are supplied along with the bracket should be moved into the wall by using a suitable spacer washer between the bolt head and the bracket frame.

The bracket should be buried into the floor so that the height from the centre line of the bolt to the surface of the finished floories 320mm.




The rag bolt should be first grouted into the wall using cement / concrete, (as shown) as perdistance between slots provided in the wash basin. The bolts should be fixed perpendicular to the wall. Allow cement / concrete to set. Check if the Rag bolts are firmly fixed. Fix the Wash Basin in the bolt using Nut & Washer.

If brackets are use, prefer nylon or aluminum instead of iron brackets as it tends to rust. If small basins are screwed to wall, use nylon washers and steel screws. While fixing waste outlet, ensure that the rubber washer is placed on the outlet under the basin.




(Premium & Italia)